Welcome to Save Money with Me! I wanted to put together a starting place if you are new to saving money online, and for those new here.

What is Save Money With Me about?

This blog isn’t about not spending money at all. This blog is about making the money you do spend count. And possibly using the money you save to afford luxuries.

This blog is also about convenience. There are plenty of blogs out there that talk about penny pinching and clipping grocery coupons. I have done that, and still do sometimes, but it can be very time consuming. I prefer to focus on ways to save money online. Saving money online is convenient, can really add up and can be done on your ipad while watching TV at night or during downtime at work!

So where should you start saving money online:

Daily Deal Sites: Daily deal sites are a great place to save money online. They offer some killer deals from time-to-time. You might want to subscribe to a couple daily deal sites so you can grab some great local deals. I try to post the best national deals on Save Money with Me.

Flash Sale Sites: Flash sale sites are another great place to save money online. They are a great place to buy discounted designer clothes, accessories, shoes and name brand housewares. Browse through the flash sale site list and find the ones that have the items you want or need. Subscribe to the flash sale sites you like so you can browse; you will also get emails so you are aware of sales.  Flash sale sites are a great way to get big discounts.

Upromise: Upromise is a great website traditionally used to save money for college. But you can really save money for whatever you want. Check out my guide to saving money with Upromise to get started. This is a great, free government sponsored website; everyone should have an account. Upromise can help you save money online with e-coupons and restaurant cashback.

Cashback Websites: Cashback sites are websites that give you a percentage of the money you spend shopping online back in a rebate check. They are one of the best, easiest ways to save money online. Learn how and why to use cashback sites, and then check out a cashback site comparison to find the best ones for you.

Amazon Prime: Amazon is one of the most convenient places to shop and has some great deals. Especially if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. I order so much stuff throughout the year, especially at Christmas. Shopping on Amazon with an Amazon Prime subscription saves me time and money. Check out how to get Amazon Prime for free.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a search engine that you can use to earn free gift cards. When you use it to search you will earn “swagbucks”. You can redeem the swagbucks for prizes and Amazon gift cards. Learn more about how to use swagbucks.

Save Money at Restaurants: One way you can start saving money conveniently is by saving money at restaurants. You can save money eating out by buying discounted gift cards, getting cashback and by being aware of specials. Read more about ways to save money at restaurants.


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