Top 5 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

save money online

My goal on Save Money With Me Online is to save you tons of money while you shop for the items you need and want. I try to also share tips on saving money that I have learned. Here are my top five ways to save money shopping online.

  1. Cashback Websites:

    Cashback websites save you money shopping online by giving you a “rebate” of a percentage of your purchase. There are many cashback websites to choose from, and you can compare cashback sites to figure out which will give you the best deal.

  2. Flash Sale Sites:

    Flash sale sites save you money shopping online by bringing you quality products at deep discounts. These can be designer or luxury items that you will get much cheaper than in the store. Check out my guide to flash sale sites to learn more about which sites sell products you like.

  3. Daily Deal Sites:

    Daily deal sites save you money shopping online by offering local services, activities and restaurants at discounts. Check out my list of daily deal sites to figure out which sites have the best deals for you.

  4. Amazon Prime:

    Amazon Prime saves you money by allowing you to buy everyday products on Amazon with free two day shipping on everything you purchase. Lots of items are cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else so this can be a real money saver. Let me help you figure out how to get Amazon Prime for free.

  5. Reading a Deals Website:

    The final way to save money shopping online is to follow a deals website (like this one!) that is focused on bringing you the best deals online all the time. This allows you to only buy things you need on sale, saving you money online! So on that note, follow Save Money With Me on facebook, by email, by RSS or on twitter.

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