Swagbucks is a search engine that helps you earn FREE gift cards, simply by searching. When you use the Swagbucks homepage to search, or the Swagbucks toolbar you earn “bucks” for your searches. You can redeem these bucks for Amazon gift cards, Restaurant.com gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and so much more. The Amazon  gift cards are 450 swagbucks and by using the toolbar you’ll probably earn between 30 and 50 swagbucks a day. This means that by using Swagbucks for search, you will earn $5 to Amazon or a $25 gift certificate to Restaurant.com every 9 days! Why wouldn’t you want to earn gift cards JUST for searching the web! What a great way to pay for holiday gifts, or a splurge for yourself 🙂

To get started, head over to Swagbucks.

On the bottom right side of the screen you will see this:

how to sign up for swagbucksEnter your name and email to sign up. I see no reason why you need to enter in your real name if that makes you uncomfortable.

You will be taken to a screen with a message asking you to check your email, and to click on the verify your account link inside your email in order to successfully register with Swagbucks.

Next, I suggest installing the toolbar so that it will be very easy to earn your Swagbucks. You could also just set Swagbucks as your browser homepage if you would rather.

swagbucks tool barswag storeYou can check out the swag store to see what you can redeem with your swagbucks. I like to redeem my swagbucks for gift cards.

swagbucks categories

Some of the gift cards you can redeem your swagbucks for include:

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • iTunes
  • Target
  • Paypal
  • Restaurant.Com
  • Apple
  • Golfsmith

earn amazon gift cards with swagbucks