Amazon.Com offers some great opportunities to save money everyday. Their books, electronics and movies always seem to be the cheapest of any comparable store. They sell diapers which are priced at discounts comparable to Their grocery section is expanding and has some really great deals.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a 1 year membership program which gives you unlimited FREE two-day shipping, and one day shipping for $3.99 an item. Now, you do pay for the service, $79 a year but it is totally worth it! If you grab some of the deals that pop up in the grocery section (which you will see on S$WM), order a couple books a year, and do your Christmas shopping online (possibly with the free gift cards you have earned with Swagbucks) you will definitely pay for the membership. Also, think of how CONVENIENT it is to have free two-day shipping. And Amazon seems to sell everything! I love my membership, and I couldn’t go back. Amazon Prime is also a great alternative to Netflix with lots of streaming movies. Amazon Prime is a must for a working man or woman, that wants to save money and have products delivered right to their homes.

I’m about to tell you a secret. There are three ways to get it for free.

amazon prime

Free Amazon Prime Trial MembershipYou can sign up for a Free One Month Trial of Amazon Prime if you haven't been a Prime member for the last 13 months. This works for anyone! You do have to provide your credit card number, but once you sign up, you can go into your Amazon account and choose the option to not auto subscribe after your trial is completed. Amazon Prime members (and those on the free trial) can choose to share their membership with up to four other members in their household.

Amazon Mom

You can get a FREE 3-month Amazon Prime membership if you are a Mom or any caregiver. Amazon Mom members receive 30% off diapers and wipes when using the Subscribe & Save option. If you are already a Prime member, and would like to join Amazon Mom, Amazon will refund you a pro-rated amount. You will earn an extra month of Amazon Mom for every purchase you make in the Amazon Baby store over $25 pre-discount.

amazon student

Amazon Student

Amazon Student is a free one year Amazon Prime membership with free two-day shipping on textbooks and other items you would want in college. You can get your free membership simply by providing an official school email address. Textbooks are normally cheaper on and more convenient! What a deal!

Subscribe & Save Option

The Subscribe & Save Option is one way to save lots of money when you order every day products. By using the subscribe and save option you can save 15%. This option can be removed after ordering.  I have written more detailed instructions on using Subscribe and Save.