Selling Clothes Online: A Guide

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Are you looking to sell your clothes online to make some extra money?
Maybe even designer clothes? Selling your clothes online is a great way to make money or save money on the internet. I used to sell all of my lightly used clothes, or clothes that I bought and never wore on Ebay. Ebay in my opinion used to be great for selling clothes online but now it seems to be spammy. But lucky for us, there are some new options for selling clothes online!

To sell your clothes online you first need to choose a website to use. I’ve included a list of websites that you can sell your clothes on below. Some websites sell both men’s and women’s clothing, and some focus on just women’s. Each of the websites charges a commission  most charge the commission when the sale is made, others charge it as a listing fee up front. Some websites deal with the shipping for you and make it really easy with a pre-paid shipping label and some let you make the shipping choices. Lots of the websites have an app for uploading pictures of your clothes from your mobile device which also makes selling easy. So check out the websites below and choose the one that’s right for you based on how easy it is to sell your clothing and how much of a commission they charge.


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Websites for Selling Women’s Clothing:

Threadflip: Threadflip is another website for selling women’s clothing online.  You can use Threadflip from any device- over the website or through the app. Threadflip charges a 20% commission and just like Poshmark they deal with shipping, which is $7. Threadflip sends you a prepaid shipping label with USPS when you make a sale.  Once cool feature of Threadflip is that they do have a White Glove Service where you can send all the clothing you want to sell to them and they will list them for you. However, with this White Glove Service you do get a smaller percentage (60% instead of 80%). Download the Threadflip app to start selling  your clothing.

Poshmark: Poshmark is a great website for selling women’s fashion and accessories online. It is a social media-type site, where you are supposed to follow people’s closets and then have them follow you. It’s great though because when you make a sale Poshmark pays the shipping and gives you a prepaid shipping label. Poshmark charges a 20% commission. You need an iphone, ipad or ipod touch to use it. Poshmark has a cool instagram-like filter program for making cover photos look nice. Download the Poshmark app here to start making money selling your clothes.

Tradesy: Tradesy is a website for selling clothing online. Similar to Poshmark and Threadflip, when you make a sale Tradesy sends a shipping kit to you in the mail. You just drop your item in the bag and send it off. So the mailing is very easy. When your item sells you receive the money through Paypal.  Tradesy only takes a 9% commission. Tradesy has image-cleaning technology that clears up the background image leaving only the clothes your selling in the picture–pretty cool! Download the Tradesy app to start selling your clothes.

Twice: Twice is a website that sells your clothes online. Unlike some of the other options, Twice does all the work. You send all your clothes to them in either a prepaid shipping bag or you can print a prepaid label for free. They will then buy what they can sell and email you an offer for your clothing. You can either accept your offer or you can reject it and they will send you your clothes back for $5. Twice seems like an easy way to get money fast for clothes you want to sell online.

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Websites for Selling Women’s and Men’s Clothing

Ebay: Ebay is the original go-to website for selling clothes online. In recent years I have found it to be hard to sell because there are people that will win your auction and never pay, or you can get bids from hacked accounts. That being said, your likelihood of successfully selling your clothes is high given that there is such a large user base. Also I think it’s sometimes easier to sell clothes to international buyers, since they might not be able to buy them locally.  Ebay charges you for each listing and then also a percentage when an item sells. You pay for shipping and you can choose the cheapest shipping service.

Dresm: Dresm is an online marketplace selling used and new men’s and women’s clothing.  Like Ebay, Dresm charges you for each listing and then also 3.5% when the item sells. Also like Ebay, at Dresm you pay for shipping and you can choose whichever shipping service is most convenient and cheapest.

TheRealReal: The RealReal is kind of a combination of an online consignment shop and a flash sale site.  They accept men’s and women’s designer, luxury clothes in good condition. They have two options for selling your clothes to them: a white glove service and self service. You are eligible for white glove service if you have more than 10 items and you live in a major US city–they will come to your home and package your items for you. With self service you mail your items to them and they reimburse you for shipping after your first sale. You will receive 60% of the sale price. Download the RealReal iPhone app to help you start consigning.

There are definitely more websites for selling your clothes online out there, but  it’s important to consider their popularity when choosing a site to sell items on. If you choose a website that’s not popular, you have a small audience to sell to and your chances of getting a good price or selling your clothes decrease. So I think these are the best websites to sell your clothes online, but let me know if you know of a good one that I missed! Good Luck!

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