SavingStar: Online Grocery Coupons

savingstarI normally don’t talk about grocery coupons on this blog, but SavingStar is all online! And it’s an easy way to save money. It only takes a couple minutes to set up, and then less than a minute every month.

SavingStar is basically a grocery coupon rebate program. It works similar to how the grocery coupons run on Upromise (actually the grocery coupon part of Upromise is run by SavingStar).

Here’s How SavingStar Works:

  1. Sign up for SavingStar.
  2. Once you create an account, you will need to link your store loyalty cards. You register your loyalty cards in the “My Account” section. You can link both grocery store and drug store loyalty cards. I also registered my parents’ cards on my account. Shh..don’t tell!
  3. Now that your loyalty cards are linked, you just select all of the coupons available. I suggest activating them all in case someone borrows your card at checkout or you make an impulse purchase.
  4. When you buy an item from one of the coupons you activated, the coupon amount will be deposited in your SavingStar account. For example, if one of the coupons is for 75 cents off poptarts, and you buy poptarts, you will pay the same amount at the grocery store–but the 75 cents will be deposited in your SavingStar account.
  5.  Once your account reaches $5, you can pick your payout. You can get a paypal deposit, an Amazon gift card or a bank deposit.
Now I don’t purposely buy any items from the SavingStar coupons, so I’m not saving a ton of money from this. But I still have $3.60 in my account after only using it for a couple months. It’s money I wouldn’t have otherwise–and it only took a couple minutes from the comfort of my computer 🙂 I think SavingStar is an easy way to save money online.
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