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I just got an email that there are 7 weeks until Christmas and less than 3 weeks until Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Yikes! Exciting! So, I’m going to share with you how I save money on my online Christmas Shopping. Especially because there will be some great deals to save money online as Christmas and the shopping holidays get closer! I also take advantage of the great sales around Christmas-time to stock up on items I will need throughout the year.

Make sure you are checking back at Save Money with Me Online because I will be bringing you an online Black Friday guide and a Cyber Monday guide!

1. Make a List of Christmas Gifts

First, I make a list of people I need to buy Christmas gifts for. On the list I include a couple general ideas of what I want to get them– maybe clothes, music, a movie, a sports gift or toys. I also include how much I want it to look like I spent. I make this list far in advance so I can cherry pick good deals over several weeks or months.

online christmas gift list

2. Shop Online Sales

Now that I know what I’m looking for, I can be watching for great clearance deals and sales online. I try not to pay full price unless it’s the last minute and I’m still not done with my list. Stores cycle through sales online, just like they do in the store–so if you are shopping ahead of time you will be able to get some good discounts. And as retailers get closer and closer to Christmas the sales will get more sporadic and sometimes better! and you can score some great deals then too.

3. Christmas Shop Online with Flash Sale Sites and Daily Deal Sites.

You can get some great deals Christmas shopping online by using flash sale sites and daily deal sites. Since flash sale sites and daily deal sites are constantly rotating their sales, you have to be looking at their sales over a period of weeks to catch items that you are interested in for gifts. For example, you can be watching MyHabit for the fashion-obsessed woman in your life, and you can be watching Zulily for children’s gifts.

4. Use Cashback Sites for Online Christmas Shopping

An easy way to make sure I’m saving money when I’m Christmas shopping online is by using cashback sites. Cashback sites give you a percentage of your purchase back in a rebate. After Christmas I can look forward to a nice rebate check in the mail!

5. Take Advantage of Online Deals as they Pop Up

Another way I save money by Christmas shopping online is that I take advantage of little deals throughout the year. These address labels will make a great stocking stuffer for my sister; they are personalized and look like I spent a lot of time and effort–not like I got them for $3 shipped! And I used this $40 Paper Coterie coupon to make a memory box for my Mom. The memory box is a personalized gift that looks like I spent $40 on it and in reality I paid the $7 for shipping and got the box for free! Deals like these pop up constantly, and are great ways to save money on gifts throughout the year. Stay tuned because I know there will be TONS of deals like these from now until Christmas.

Christmas shopping online is convenient and helps you save money on your Christmas shopping. By getting organized with a list, taking advantage of sales and deals as they pop up, and by using cashback sites, you will save money and be giving better quality Christmas gifts to your loved ones!

How do you save money Christmas shopping online?

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