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There is a pretty good deal going on at Office Max this week but it does require a little bit of effort. Deals like this, while complex, are great ways to save money online! This deal is available through next Saturday (2/4).

Office Max has these items for $2 after MaxPerk rewards with a limit of 2 per person:

How MaxPerk rewards work, is that you pay the full price for the item and then you get the rest of the money back as MaxPerk rewards. These rewards are issued to you online in your MaxPerks account and you can use them for online purchases, or print them and use them in the store. I almost always use any rewards I have to purchase ink (since it’s something I need anyways).

You can get free shipping on orders over $50. So I put together a scenario below with 2 each of the $2 items and a filler item to get the total to $50. I would definitely recommend searching Office Max to find something you need for your filler item, that’s at a good price. I chose the headphones below because I need another pair for my gym bag. But here are some other good fillers I saw:

office max deal

So with the scenario I outlined above, you will pay $52.53 and get back $25.54 in MaxPerks rewards at the end of the month. You need a filler of  $12 .46 to hit the $50 total, so if you find something cheaper than the headphones that I picked your numbers will be a little bit better.

Plus the deal gets better if you shop through a cashback website. Big Crumbs has 4.8% cashback at Office Max right now. That will give you $2.52 back in your Big Crumbs account.

So you will have paid $24.47 for 2 reams of paper, 2 gel pens, 4 retractable ballpoint pens and whatever other $12 item you decide on to be shipped to your door. I think that’s a pretty good price to restock your home office.

I should mention though that there is also a great deal if you’re in the market for a camera.

office max camera sale

You could buy the Kodak C1530 camera plus the office supplies for $107.53 total out of pocket. You would get $55.54 back in MaxPerks rewards and $5.16 back in your Big Crumbs account.  Your total would be $46.83 for a digital camera, 2 reams of paper and 4 packages of  pens.

One other last note-you do need to have a MaxPerks account before you checkout to make sure you get your rewards back. To register for a MaxPerks account head over here.

So, head over to Office Max to check it out!

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