How to Save Money Online

This website is all about how to save money online and I’m constantly sharing deals with you to help you save money online. But I figured I would let you know what I tell people when I’m asked “How to Save Money Online”.

How to Save Money Online

  1. Use Cashback Websites for Online Shopping:

    Figure out how to use cashback websites and start using them for all your online purchases. Cashback websites give you a percentage of your purchase back in cash. Your cashback will add up over time and it’s an easy way to save money online. I can’t image why anyone wouldn’t go through a cashback website when shopping online–it’s free money!

  2. Subscribe to Daily Deal Sites & Flash Sale Sites:

    Daily deal sites and flash sale sites sell items between 50-80% off. Daily deal sites sell mostly services or vouchers to stores, where flash sale sites sell mostly items. Buying products you need or services you need when they go on sale on daily deal sites or flash sale sites is an excellent way to save money online. You will find yourself buying less at retail price in the store; instead your items will be bought on big discounts and mailed to your home. I share a lot of great daily deals and flash sale deals I see, but I don’t share them all. You might want to check out a list of flash sale sites, and a list of daily deal sites to see which sites interest you, or which ones have deals for your city. You can subscribe by email to get deals delivered to your inbox.

  3. Earn Free Gift Cards with Swagbucks:

    Swagbucks is a search engine, similar to Google, where you earn free gift cards for searching the web. You won’t get rich fast with swagbucks, but just by using the search engine you will earn gift cards to Amazon. You can redeem your free gift cards for items you need on Amazon (like when this Cascade dish soap went on sale) and Voila! you have learned how to save money online. Head over here to learn more about how to use swagbucks.

  4. Set up a Upromise Account:

    When someone asks me how to save money online, I normally start by telling them about cashback sites, and then I tell them about Upromise. Upromise is something I think everyone should be doing, because it’s free, it’s relatively easy and the money will add up over time. You can learn more in my guide to using Upromise.  Upromise is a college saving website run by Sallie-Mae. Sallie Mae is a government agency, so it’s perfectly legit. You can save money at Upromise when you eat out at restaurants and with grocery e-coupons. Again, you won’t get rich fast with Upromise, but after a year of using it I’ve saved $130 in my Upromise account–and it’s money I wouldn’t have if I didn’t create an online account.

  5. Save Money at Restaurants:

    There are a couple ways to save money at restaurants that start online. You can buy discounted gift cards, discounted restaurant vouchers through daily deal sites, and use reservation websites like Savored.

  6. Watch for Deals on S$WM:

    The best answer to the question of “How to Save Money Online”, is to subscribe to my blog, Save Money with Me Online.

    I am constantly sharing with you great deals I find that can start you on your saving money online quest. Like this Brita pitcher deal or Olay Gift Set deal which were free after rebate.

    Or the Living Social deal for half off at Whole Foods.

    Or the $25 free credit to MyHabit which got you anything on the website that was less than $25 shipped to you for free.

    Also, there are a ton of great online deals that will save you money near holidays. This past Father’s Day we saw a free Father’s day card, and I put together a list of Father’s Day deals.

    Many of the deals are only available for a short time, so if you don’t subscribe you will miss out–  follow Save Money With Me on facebook, by email, by RSS or on twitter.

I would love to hear your suggestions on how to save money online?

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