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Upromise is a great program for saving money online. Upromise is run by Sallie Mae, which used to be a government agency. It’s designed for saving money for college. However, you don’t HAVE to save the money for college.  You can simply sign up to start saving and they will send you a check when you request it. The Upromise Web site states:

“Upromise was created to help families save for college and we strongly encourage members to use the money they’ve earned towards education expenses. However, members may choose to withdraw the money they’ve saved for other purposes if they wish.”

Some Details about Upromise

The Upromise program is completely free. I’ve been using it for several years now and I’ve been very happy. It started out as a government affiliated program so it’s perfectly legitimate. Upromise has partnered with hundreds of companies, retailers, travel sites and local restaurants to help you earn money in your Upromise account. There are three main ways to save money using Upromise which I’ll discuss below. Once you have earned money in your Upromise account you can request it any time and they will send you a check.

How to Save Money Using Upromise:

    1.  Become a “Preferred Diner” & Eat at Upromise Partner Restaurants

      Once you have signed up for Upromise here is what you need to do to start saving money at restaurants:

      • Register the credit cards that you use most frequently. You simply input your credit card numbers so that Upromise can use them to track when you eat at one of their partner restaurants. I put in all of my credit cards a year ago, and I haven’t had any security issues.
      • Register to become a “Preferred Diner”.
      • Find Upromise Restaurant Partners
      • When you eat at one of the Upromise participating restaurants and pay with one of the credit cards Upromise has on file you will get a 4-8% rebate deposited in your Upromise account. (The amount depends on the restaurant)
    2. Save Money on Groceries by using Upromise eCoupons

      To start saving money on groceries with Upromise:

      • Sign up for Upromise E-Coupons.
      • Register all your frequent shopper cards (grocery store cards and drugstore cards).
      • Select all of the Upromise E-coupons at the beginning of each month (they reset). There is no reason not to select them all on the off chance that you buy one of the products.
      • If the coupon is activated by you buying one of the products, the coupon amount will be deposited in your Upromise account.
    3. Save Money on Groceries by using Upromise eCoupons

      You can also save money shopping online with Upromise similar to using a  cashback website. If you shop online through one of their participating retailers you can go through the Upromise website and the cashback will be deposited in your account.

Upromise Warnings

There are a couple things I should warn you about. The first thing is that when you sign up for Upromise, they will keep asking you to sign up for their credit card. You don’t have to, so if you aren’t interested keep ignoring and skipping this offer. Another thing I should mention is that you won’t get rich fast with Upromise.  But, any money you save does add up–and saving money with Upromise takes very little time and effort. It probably takes 20 minutes to set up, and then a couple minutes every month to activate your e-coupons.

Some Tips to Help You Earn More with Upromise

  • Ask older family members that aren’t active on the internet for their frequent shopper cards. Register theirs and make money when they shop.
  • Set an alert on your phone for the beginning of the month so you remember to activate all the grocery e-coupons.
  • Browse the Upromise restaurants in your area so that when you eat at one of them you remember to pay with a registered credit card–not cash.

Upromise Conclusions

Upromise is a great program to save money for free. You really have nothing to lose by signing up.  If you choose to save the money for college, you can keep the money in your name or your child’s name. When it’s time for them to use it for school you can always change the money to your child’s name. Or you can save the money for some other expense and request a check when you wish.

I’ve been using Upromise for a year now and I have saved $70 in my account from using the e-coupons and eating at Upromise restaurants. I don’t do my online shopping through Upromise because I think you earn more cashback through other cashback sites. Overall though, it’s such an easy program to use to start saving money online.

If you are interested in starting to save money online, head over to Upromise to sign up.

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