is a website where you can purchase discounted restaurant gift certificates to save money eating out. You can buy $25 gift certificates for $10 or $50 restaurant gift certificates for $10. Once a month or more you can get these on sale with a special coupon code (I post the coupon codes on S$WM). gift certificates do have a minimum order. Most $25 gift certificates require you to spend $35. So if you can get the gift certificates on sale, this is a great way to save money at restaurants. Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

To get started head over to

discounted restaurant gift certificates

Search by zip code or city and state, and look through the restaurants near you.

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Make sure to read the conditions of the gift certificate. Most of them are reasonable and can make for a great deal. shopping cart

Enter in your promo code if you have one and check out. has a range of gift certificates–discounted $25 gift certificates great for weeknight use to discounted $100 gift certificates great for big gatherings.

What great deals and great restaurants have you found using