Cashback Sites can be used to save money shopping because if you online shop through their website, they will give you a percentage of your purchase back in a cash back rebate.  Cashback sites earn money from you shopping through the links on their website, and then they pass the savings on to you. Cashback sites are a great way to save money shopping!

Check out my cashback site comparison to figure out which cashback sites to use!

How to Use a Cashback Website :

1. Go to the Cashback website of your choice

2. Click on the link for the store you want to shop at on the cashback website.

3. Shop as you normally would and pay. (You will see no indication of your cashback rewards in the checkout process.)

4. Wait a couple days (sometimes a week or two) and a percentage of your pre-tax and shipping purchase will show up in your cashback account. The percentage varies based on the store and the website you are using. Feel free to shop around the cashback websites to find the highest percentage based on where you plan on shopping and what you are buying. Sometimes the cashback websites have other coupon codes or rewards deals.

5. Request your cashback based on the rules of the cashback website you choose! Free money! Who doesn’t like that?!

Why Use Cashback Sites:

Cashback sites give you cashback rewards for your online shopping. Many of them also offer incentives to join. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of free money?!