Brita Water Pitcher: Great Deal with Ebates!

brita water pitcher walmartYou can get a pretty good deal on a Brita Water Pitcher right now if you haven’t signed up for Ebates yet. Ebates is a cashback site which is currently offering a $10 bonus gift card when you sign up and spend $25 through them.

Walmart has the Brita Slim Water Pitcher for $9.54 online and when I ordered mine shipping was $2.97.

There is a $10 Mail in Rebate for a Brita Pitcher (update: rebate expired).

brita water pitcherIf you order the pitcher through Walmart and get it shipped you should pay $12.51 and get $10 back in a rebate check, so your net is only $2.51 for the pitcher. I love getting deals like this without even having to leave the house!

Plus, you will only have to spend an extra $15.46 (shipping doesn’t count towards your total) through Ebates to get your $10 gift card back. And you will also get a check with the cashback you earn! People ask how I save money online, and I save so much because of deals like this!

If you are interested you will want to shop at Walmart through Ebates, and look for this pitcher.

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